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Properties currently under offer or sold

What this means is that an offer was placed and it was accepted by the vendor. The property is in the process of being sold. It could be in the early stages or near completion. Either way - we do not entertain any other viewings but will register your interest. Should the sale not go through for whatever reason - if you have 'voiced', 'expressed' an interest by registering and or notifying us - we will inform you of such event. This would enable you to make arrangements to view or place an offer if you have viewed the property. 

Please register via email stating what type of property, your budget and a little bit about yourself. We are here to be of service. 

'UNDER OFFER' does not necessarily mean that it was below the asking price - an 'offer can be the asking price or more or less.

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Votsi House


Buyers - 'Under Offer' does not mean it is sold - but it means that the sale has been agreed and is in the process of being sold. Things can still go wrong and the property could be advertised again and made available. Place you interest on any of the properties by registering online via our contact page.

Sellers: More properties like these are desperately needed to satisfy demands. We are second to none in advertising and photographing your property to maximise its potential. We have literally thousands of visitors to our website - you have seen the rest - now go with the best. Greek Key Properties.


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